Everything is Colorful
Nombre: Valentina Foncea
Edad: 17
País: Chile ^u^
Idioma: Español Chileno e Inglés nivel medio
Sexo: Mujer (porque de femenino tengo poco xD)
Cosas que me gustan: MUCHAS COSAS @-@, si miras mi blog lo vas a confirmar.
Música: Me gustan casi todos los géneros, pero si quieres saber si me gusta algún tipo de música en especifico, alguna banda, artista, etc, Puedes preguntarme :)
Otros: Soy bisexual, soy rara, loca, ezpezial :B, hablo demasiado, soy una pervertida jejej... y mmm no sé, muchas cosas xD
Tumblr de mi sensual novio OuO: el-paltoso.tumblr.com
Name: Valentina Foncea
Age: 17
Country: Chile :D
Language: Spanish and a little of english
Gender: F
What I like: UUUUHM many things... if U look my blog, maybe U will know...
Music: U ask me and I told U if I like it
Other: Taken, bisexual, weird, crazy. special, i'm so pervert heheh, I talk tooooooooo much uuuuhm, I don't know...
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    Maude White

    I’m. Not. Worthy.


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    hey how about u don’t repost the gifs i worked hard on making um :|

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    Alexandra Levasseur (b. 1982, Canada) Various Works of 2013

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    Think about how much easier it would be to shave your legs….


    But also sex.

    I would be late for everything with a shower like this.


    Future home goals.


    Yes to all things stated above…

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    can’t believe these are paintings, so amazing

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    everyone should reblog this just in case someone needs a sign to not do it

    Reblog this no matter what type if blog you have. You never know if someone wants to end there life.

    Just because you read on a post of tumblr “don’t kill yourself” doesn’t mean that someone with the intention of kill himself won’t going to do that… Is not that simple, is not that person suddenly just think “hmm I could kill myself, sound nice and funny” NO. The reasons for someone want to do that are more deep and painful! I thank your good intention, but is not enough, is not that easy… Less if you say this to someone who you don’t even know his face… Guys, If you rlly want to help the people who wish or is planning to kill himself, go and get close to that person in a good way, talk with him, listen to him, give him love and be patient, but for all above, DON’T FORCE THAT PERSON TO DO ANYTHING, EITHER GOOD OR BAS, that does not help… I say all this because I am a person who wants to kill myself, since 4 years, also I have depression about 6 years, but thanks my friends and boyfriend I still here… Is not like I don’t think about it constantly, is not something that I solved fully, I still wishing to finish me and I’ve tried so many times, besides my friends tell me NO, PLEASE DON’T KILL YOURSELF, WE LOVE YOU, WE WILL MISS YOU, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON… That’s not enough for everyone, even is that words comes from people you rlly love and care… All the thing is more complicated that anyone who never experience the desire of kill himself could imagine. So pls, don’t believe that for only reblog this post, you will make someone decide to not do that.

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    when friends r over


    when they leave


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